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We use WPL ShockBoost oils for a wide range of fork and shock applications, for two main reasons – they are hands down the most slippery, stiction-reducing oils we’ve ever tried, and they’re biodegradable and non-toxic. Environmentally conscious as well as tangibly superior performance makes it the obvious choice.

Steve Mathews, Vorsprung Suspension

Whistler Performance Lubricants definitely have this thing dialed! By far the best chain lube I’ve used! Goes on well, doesn’t drip and lasts a long time! Everyone should have this on their to buy list!

Adam Robbins, Eastern States Cup DH Team

I can honestly say that WPL makes the best suspension fluid that I have used over the past 18 years of suspension service. It is also very comforting to know that my body is getting a break from the chemicals that I am subjected to daily. I have used almost every brand of oil that is made and have not been this surprised with any of them for very long. I would put WPL up against any leading competitor and expect better damping consistency over a longer period of time.

Ronnie Dilan, DVO Suspension

Here at Rebound Cycle, we provide top quality products to our clients, as well to use to maintain/tune our customers’ bikes. We put our trust in Whistler Performance Lubricants and they deliver every time. We sell the Chain Boost and Fork Boost products. The product is also at every work station in our repair shop. It helps keep all the bikes functioning with a smooth drivetrain and smooth running suspension.

Tyson Podruzny, Rebound Cycle

In a word , Amazing!, WPL fluids are just awesome. After years of using various other brands of oils/ lubes I turned to them in a effort to be more environmentally conscious. What I got was a product that performed so well I was extending my service intervals. Forkboost, Shockboost, Chainboost, the Absolute grease, these products have made an incredible difference in how my suspension and drive train perform, I can’t say enough about their products, you guys ROCK! Keep up the good work.

Brian Goyeau, Ambassador at Straitline Components

We use Shock Boost on every rental bike, and it helps provide friction free, supple feeling suspension for our guests. We are stoked with the results, and are really happy to have the product on our shelves to share with our local customers too! Supporting a local company with biodegradable products, also ties in with our company ethos and we hope to carry more WPL products in the future.

Will Naylor

I’m quite impressed with WPL’s chain lube. I’ve tried most of the plant based lubes, and while they lubricate well enough, I’ve found they either don’t stay put very well, or they attract a lot of dirt and subsequently turn into hard to remove gunk. WPL’s lube stays put, and yet it wipes off with a damp rag when it comes time to re-lube… I don’t know of any other lube that cleans off so easily. Yet I rode with it all last winter and the road slop won’t wash it off – impressive. I won’t recommend any product until I use it first, so with that being said I have no qualms about recommending it to my customers for a no-nonsense easy to use chain lube. The fact that it is plant based (vs petroleum) and doesn’t stink or contain VOC’s (to me) is icing on the cake!

Rob Willis, Funwest Sports Calgary

The additional lubricity in the WPL oil becomes readily apparent to anyone used to getting their hands dirty, the WPL fork oil compared to others I’ve used is just darn right slippery! And I’m old enough to remember when there were no cartridge forks…

Scott Morrison, California

I notice a big difference in the way I feel at the end of the day, not breathing all the petroleum-based oils, even in a well-ventilated area, so I can only imagine what it's doing for the planet.

Mike Howse