Suspension Oil Specs

Viscosity Index

Our Oils Perform No matter the temperature

WPL Suspension Oil has superior oxidative stability to petro-based oils despite being a bio-based oil. Advanced biotechnology and materials science were harnessed to create a triple ester oil from triglyceride molecules by blending and reacting certain modified vegetable oils, oleochemicals, and antioxidants. This gives the molecules optimal polarity, molecular weight and film-forming ability to bind and coat metal surfaces, providing exceptional lubricity and protection against wear. This results in a very smooth and efficient damping, a long suspension and seal life, with no environmental compromise.

Oxidative Stabililty

The Viscosity Index improving additives used in petro-based oils, as well a synthetic oil itself, are destroyed during heating. These oils and additives aren’t stable at high temperatures under high shear. This could be witnessed in an experiment where a competitor’s oil lost half its volume during an Oxidative Stability Index test.