Whats In Our Products

We only use bio-based and eco-friendly ingredients in our formulas. This means no petro-based additives, synthetic oils, or toxic organic solvents.

Natural Antioxidants

We have selected powerful natural antioxidants sourced from plants to preserve and extend the lifetime of our formulas. Being bio-based products, it was imperative to use the highest quality antioxidants available in order to stabilize and protect against oxidation.


Oleochemicals are compounds derived from plant and animal fats. This covers a wide range of materials that we use in complex combinations to achieve the functionality we require for our products.

Seed Oils

Seed oils are triglyceride oils extracted from seeds such as canola, hemp, and corn. Seed oils also have a wide range of functionalities that, when used in the correct combinations, provide a base oil superior to synthetic oil and petro-based oil.

No Petroleum
100% Biodegradable Ingredients
Made In Canada 100% Biodegradable USDA bio based product
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