Welcome to the WPL Ambassador program application.

We're always looking for new and exciting people to be a part of our team and this year we have some exciting stuff in the pipelines for our customers, so we want to step up how we get the message out to people through our WPL influencers. This year we're bringing on new influencers, and improving on the way we work with our current team.

 As a company that has challenged the way, the world does bicycle maintenance products, we believe that creative challenges are some of the best foundations for new discoveries, and that's why we're challenging our influencer team with some creative objectives to produce every month!  Listed below we've outlined what we're looking for in our WPL ambassador team this year. 

What is a WPL Ambassadors' responsibility? 

  • Submit Photos of yourself using WPL Products 2x per month for Approval. ( We would like to feature 2 photos of each athlete per month on our feed) 
  • Host a bi-monthly giveaway of WPL products on your social platform (We will provide the product) 
  • Share FULL Stack Friday on your Instagram story every Friday
  • Each month posts 2 Pieces of content tagging WPL to your Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms that you use featuring WPL Products. 

If you think that you'd like to able to take on the challenge and be a part of our awesome influencer team please fill out the application below