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    Our world-class materials scientist...

    WPL was born from the combination of two things: deep materials science expertise and lifelong passion for cycling. The father son team that founded WPL reside in Whistler, Canada, the heart of mountain biking in the world.

    Used strictly bio-based ingredients... 

    WPL develops biolubricants and bio-based care products with low toxicity, no petroleum, no PTFEs, and fully biodegradable materials. Our vast biomaterials expertise allows us to manipulate biobased oils and oleochemicals to achieve functionalities that our competitors cannot achieve without toxic chemicals. We don’t use additives, mineral oil, synthetic oil, or petroleum-derived organic solvents in any of our products. Even our advanced functional additives are bio-based as well. And, all of our products are made in Canada in an ISO 9001 Certified facility.

    That we race-tested in Whistler, BC…

    Access to the variety, intensity, and quality of Whistler’s trail system, bike park, and community, are what gives WPL the competitive edge we need to develop world class products.

    To create clean, high performance products.

    As racers, WPL promoted our first products on the BC Cup race circuit and worked with athletes from all over the country to develop the best products possible. Feedback from racers and mechanics was taken back to the lab immediately and changes were made to the products to suit the racer’s needs.