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WPL Presents: Island Roots

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Posted By: Mason Copeland

Jul 13, 2021

Kendall McLean's connection with riding on Vancouver Island is deeply rooted at Mt. Prevost, a mecca and training facility for DH Mountain Bikers in British Columbia and beyond. Like many of BC's DH riders, since moving to the island as a kid, Kendall has maximized his use of this mountain as a perfect spot to develop and refine his mountain bike skills.

Kendall McLean Island Roots
Admiring that smooth drivetrain helping him blast down the trail

Having used Mt. Prevost for training purposes, every turn, rut and rock on the tracks found here have become deeply embedded within Kendall's mind. However, wanting to emphasize his unique riding style on a bike outside of being fast, we shot some of the mountain's most ridden trails with Kendall thinking outside of the box. As a result, we were able to capture Kendall riding in his purest form; unlocking new doubles and triples, getting sideways, making creative shapes with his bike, and riding with absolute aggression.

Kendall McLean Island Roots
Slapping berms and no holding back

The ender of this edit was something for the books. After blowing up the clip on his shoe during his first attempt, we had to come back to the hill the next morning at 6 AM to clean up the shot before Kendall's early ferry reservation. We were both beyond stoked to get what we came for. 

Cinematography/Edit: (Liam Morgan)
Additional Cinematography: (Cole Nelson)
Photography: Liam Morgan
Riding: (Kendall McLean)
Shot on the unceded territories of the Pacheedaht and Coast Salish Indigenous Peoples.