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WPL Goes Global with World-Class Distributors

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Jan 9, 2020

January 1, 2019

WHISTLER, BC—WPL announced that the company is entering into 2019 with a chosen group of world-class distributors representing WPL in each country. The countries include Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, USA, and UK. Names and contact information can be found on the WPL Distributor webpage. With these new distinguished distributors around the world, WPL products are now available to a broader market, focusing on bike performance and environmental sustainability.

“We are delighted that WPL have chosen TF Tuned to take forward their product line in the UK. We’ve been extremely impressed with the performance of WPL’s suspension fluids, which we use across the range of brands that we service here in our busy workshop,” said UK’s Distributor Greg Ruddle of TF Tuned. “WPL [is] the only company providing a full range of mountain bike specific lubricants and fluids which are both Bio-Based and Biodegradable. It is great to know that by using these environmentally friendly products we are taking steps to reduce our overall impact on the planet. Here at TF Tuned we only recommend products that we are happy to use ourselves and WPL’s Premium Bio-Based range really hits the mark!”

By increasing representation globally with these formidable new partners, WPL will rapidly expand availability to more retail and online stores internationally. Riders and mechanics across the world now have the high performance and reliable products within reach, knowing that the full line is safe for the environment as well as their own health.