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Why Our Products Are Unique

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Posted By: Shopify API

Jan 9, 2020


Bike Chain Lube: Wet Bioformula

Our Wet Lubricants contain an emulsifying agent, which means that after applying the lubricant to your chain and finishing your ride you can spray your chain down with a hose and everything will wash off your chain! Wet lubricants are great for lubrication but they pick up dirt, they develop black goop and they’re incredibly hard to clean.

Never Been This Easy

The emulsifying agent allows the lubricant to wash away only under heavy water pressure. Therefore, riding over puddles or in the rain won’t eliminate the lubricating oil until you hose it down.

This allows your chain to stay clean without having to use a brush or iron cloth on your chain to clean it. Under the right maintenance you’ll never have black goop, you won’t need to scrub anything and your drive train will be the quietest it’s ever been.


If you’ve been using different lubricants prior to using ChainBoost, you’ll want to degrease your chain first. Whether your chain is carrying dirt, grime or black goop, you’ll need to degrease the chain preferably using our bio-solvent degreaser before applying ChainBoost. Our chain lubricant will keep your chain the cleanest it’s ever been but not without properly cleaning it first.

Afterwards, you won’t need to degrease your chain nearly as much.


What else?

ChainBoost also uses metal binding polar group technology to bind to metal at an atomic level, which is an idea we originally developed in our suspension oil that works just as effectively with our chain binding product.



Bike Suspension Oil: High-performance Bio Lubricant

The idea behind our suspension oil was simple, we wanted to develop a suspension oil that was better than all other oils but was ALSO bio based with no additives or petroleum. We’ve chemically engineered our oils to perform optimally in several different ways.

Contains Optimal:

  • Viscosity
  • Lubricity
  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Detergency
  • Purity
  • Stability

Superior Biodegradable Products at Competitive Prices

The problem with green alternatives is that they can be inferior products. Most people can’t afford to use a product that will make their lives harder and waste their time and energy.

This is why innovation in high performance sustainable products is so important. WPL offers the same idea; they offer a higher quality product than their competitors while not sacrificing performance.

What Makes Our Products High Performing?

Two important properties of suspension oils is viscosity index and lubricity.

Viscosity index is important because without a high viscosity index your suspension compresses and springs back immediately without reducing any impact from the compression when it gets hot.

High lubricity is imperative to ensure the oils bind to metal and reduce friction. If there is friction, corrosion occurs damaging the important moving parts of your bike like the suspension.

Most oils lack in these properties and compensate by mixing additives in their oils. The problem with these additives is that they degrade quickly and don’t perform well under high temperatures.

Our oils are used without additives and contain excellent properties on their own and don’t degrade under 100 hours of heat at 110 degrees celcius.

WPL Oils Perform Better Under Worse Conditions

As you can see, under temperatures of 110 degrees Celsius for 100 hours Rockshox 5wt oil lost half its oils volume while WPL oils retained full volume.

Another interesting part of the experiment was that that while the Rockshox oil lost a lot of volume, it changed color and even produced a toxic odor within the experimenting room. The lost volume with the rockshox in the display above is a result of the additives burning. When this occurs, the oil loses the additives and the properties that the additives were used to enhance. This means less lubricity or viscosity.