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We've Reformulated Our Dry Chain Lube - Here's What You Need To Know

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Posted By: Mason Copeland

Dec 5, 2021

We've Reformulated Our Dry Chain Lube - Here's What You Need To Know

WPL BIKE has undergone a formula update to our Dry Chain Lube formula in an attempt to improve the already popular product even further, as it is our initiative to constantly innovate and put out the best possible product for our users. 

Unlike other brands, we prefer to improve upon and enhance an already existing product rather than create a new SKU for a higher price tag. This ensures that we are offering the best value possible to our customers at all times whether it be in chain lubes, suspension oil, cleaners, or our grease line.

WPL Dry Chain Lube is a premium, bio-based, unique dry lube ideal for riding in dusty and dry conditions for riders of all disciplines. The proprietary bio-based wax in the bio-based solvent has impressed cyclists across the board, but a possible improvement was identified when reports of the wax build-up had some cyclists cleaning their drivetrain more rigorously than desired.

We tackled the problem by analyzing the ratio used between our ingredients and through our research identified a new metric to judge performance on, called the Stribeck Curve. By adjusting the balance in our ingredients to optimize for desired boundary level lubricity, “thin film” regime lubricity, and hydrodynamic film properties, we were able to pinpoint the exact formula required to improve the performance of the product.

This led to the minimization of surplus wax that cyclists were finding was building up, and increased the longevity of the dry lube manifold. 

WPL Dry Chain Lube

Read more about our research here. 

WPL Dry Chain Lube has outstanding reviews on all online marketplaces and from users in real life, and we expect this new upgrade to blow their riding socks off. WPL Dry Chain Lube is still a 97% bio-based content product as certified by the USDA bio-preferred program, since transparency is our ultimate focus of this brand.