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Posted By: Isaac Marangoni

May 3, 2020
The cycling industry is abundant with tire sealant products that often cause frustration and annoyance for their users due to the fact that they are unreliable in doing what they are supposed to do: seal punctures. 
Sealing punctures is a tricky thing to ask a chemical product to do because you have to take into consideration many things, such as the length of time the fluid is sitting in the tire, the varying sizes of punctures, the varying temperature ranges, and the tendency for the sealant to pool at the bottom of the tire instead of cover all inner surface areas where punctures may occur. 

Almost all of the sealants on the market today are the same latex-based formula. Latex is cheap, but from what cyclists have discovered around the world… does not work very well. 

To develop our product, WPL sought out the help of US military tire sealant formulators, with decades of experience formulating sealants, to customize a formula for the cycling industry’s needs. The WPL Race Ready Tubeless Sealant formula is indeed a bio-based variation of a formula used by US military trucks and heavy equipment, and after extensive testing, we came to our final RACE-READY TIRE SEALANT formula.

The key differentiator between our product and the standard latex-based formula is that our product is in a gel format using natural bio-based fibers and particles to fill punctures. It is thicker than a regular sealant which allows the product to coat the interior surfaces of the tire completely instead of pooling at the bottom. The particle sizes have also been strategically designed to accommodate punctures from nanoscopic size up to 1/2” size.
Temperature range achieved is -10°F(-23°C) to 225°F(107.2°C). 

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