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Announcement: Bio Bike Wash Release

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Posted By: Shopify API

Jan 9, 2020

WPL is excited to announce that we’ve finally released our Bio Bike Wash. Like all of our products, this product is 100% biodegradable and doesn’t contain any VOC’s or PTFEs.

VOCs stand for Volatile Organic Compounds and are toxic hazardous air pollutants that contribute to climate change. PTFE is simply Teflon made from PFOAs (Perfluorooctanoic acid), which are toxic. The fumes alone have the ability to kill animals like birds with sensitive respiratory tracts. Our products do not contain any of these harmful chemicals, while our competitors’ products do contain these toxic materials.

This product has been in the creation process for over a year now. We spent a lot of time customizing the product with the feedback from our sponsored riders. We’d give it to our riders, take their feedback and send it back to the lab for further optimization. This is what makes all of our products so effective and unique.

First off, the product works incredibly well. The Bike Wash is a detergent that is able to be applied to any part of the bike. Hose the bike, apply Bio Bike Wash and then wash again leaving your bike sparkly clean. Afterwards, make sure to use ForkBoost to pull dirt from the dust seals of the suspension. You should do this any time you wash your bike because dirt will get pushed inside the fork.

You can perform the cleaning process anywhere because you don’t have to be concerned with any of our products being left on the ground because it’ll biodegrade easily into the earth.

Unlike most bike wash products our wash is formulated without PTFE’s or VOC’s, which are toxic chemicals for water or land. Several competitors’ products will claim to be Biodegradable, but contain these chemicals in their products. They may degrade somewhat over enormous periods of time, but the VOC’s and PTFE’s are toxic whether they degrade or not. Our products are completely bio-based and derived from natural substances, which are completely safe for the environment.

  • Non corrosive
  • Safe For All Parts
  • Tough on Dirt
  • 100% VOC and Phosphate Free