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WPL Bike Suspension Oil: A high-performance, premium quality suspension oil developed with professional mountain bike athletes and mechanics in Whistler, BC. Designed for use in both forks and shocks, triple-ester technology protects internal parts against wear and reduces friction. Our technologically advanced bio-based formula increases corrosion inhibition, detergency, and thermal stability of the fluid. The biodegradable, non-toxic formula is safe for mechanics and the environment.

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  • Premium bio-based formula made with natural ingredients
  • Triple ester technology protects against wear and reduces friction
  • High oxidative stability prevents chemical breakdown under heat and shear
  • Additive free formula provides extreme lubricity and smooth compressions
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic, PTFE-free formula
  • Made in Canada

1. Consult user manual of the part you are servicing.
2. Use WPL suspension oil interchangeably with oil of same viscosity.
3. Use in quantities designated by user manual.
4. Oil can be disposed in landfill after collecting.

WPL Suspension Oil Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) Viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) Viscosity Index
2.5 wt 13.2 cSt 4.1 cSt 250
5 wt 18.3 cSt 5.2 cSt 245
7 wt 25.8 cSt 6.6 cSt 230
10 wt 41.0 cSt 9.1 cSt 213
20 wt 72.8 cSt 11.8 cSt 158

Q: What happened to the product called ShockBoost?
A: We took out the word ShockBoost and just called it Suspension Oil. They are the same formulas.

Q: What temperature does your Suspension Oil work till?
A:WPL Suspension Oil will work to any possible temperature that can be created inside bike suspension and beyond.

Q:Will WPL Suspension Oil lead to increased performance over standard oil?
A:WPL Suspension Oil uses a technology called Triple Esters which are compounds that provide extreme lubricity without using petro-based additives that are prone to destruction from heat. This means exceptional performance for a very long period of time. WPL oil is also 100% bio-based so poses no threat to the environment or the mechanic handling it.

Q:My fork requires “XYZ Brand 5wt”. Should I use WPL 5wt?
A:You should compare the viscosity measurements of WPL oil to your brand’s oil and determine for yourself if the viscosity is close enough to the original product to substitute it. Unfortunately, 5wt oil from each brand will be slightly different since the “wt” nomenclature does not mean anything.

Q:What oil would replace a RockShox 0W-30?
A:We recommend using our 20wt oil for all lower leg lubrication.

Q:What oil would replace a Fox 20wt?
A:We recommend using our 20wt oil for all lower leg lubrication.

Q:How long can I keep the WPL suspension oil in the original bottle?
A:WPL Suspension oil can last 5 years +.

Q:Is it correct to mix WPL suspension oils with "standard" petroleum products like Slickoleum?
A:There is no issue with doing this. Check out our Absolute Bike Grease for a bio-based alternative to Slickoleum.

Q:Have any of your oils ever had any adverse reactions on fork seals.
A: No.

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